Star Wars 9 : Rian Johnson wants to be surprised by J. J. Abrams

Author of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, Rian Johnson said that he wants to be surprised with the episode IX directed by J. J. Abrams and expects that it offers “things never seen” in the saga. The Walt Disney Company France What to expect from Star Wars 9 ? All the viewers of the saga ask the question, especially since the episode VIII, The Last Jedi, has been drummed into many of the cards asked by J. J. Abrams in The Awakening of the Force. Today, the director Rian Johnson told MTV what was his state of mind towards Star Wars IX and what he is expecting : As I said, I want to get rid of all my expectations. I want to sit down and be entertained, surprised, excited. I want that [J. J. Abrams] to do what I wasn’t expecting and let me go. I am very enthusiastic about the idea that they go beyond what we have already seen. For me, the most interesting thing is to push the limits and see things that we had ever seen before in Star Wars. The death of the supreme leader Snoke and its replacement by Kylo Ren, the identity of the parents of Rey, a Luke Skywalker different… the episode VIII changed the history proposed in the previous installment of the saga. This place, now J. J. Abrams, the author of the episode IX, in the situation of having to find new springs narrative. It will also have to choose between validate all of the elements of the episode VIII or twisting them to return to the plot that he planned at the end of the Awakening of the Force. The answer to these questions will surely wait cinemas on December 18. In the meantime this date in the distant future, very distant, a first trailer of the episode IX will be revealed at the Star Wars Celebration this Friday, April 12. “Star Wars IX” will be the last installment of the saga with Carrie Fisher, who died after the episode VIII : a Tribute to Carrie Fisher

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